What Portuguese coaches and media advisor's think about the importance of the media and its impact on professional soccer?





Media, Soccer, Coaches, Communication advisors


The present study aimed to analyze the influence of the media in professional football by considering the perception of clubs' coaches and communication advisors. The sample consisted of a group of five communication advisors and seven coaches from Portuguese football clubs, to whom a semi-structured interview from the first and second leagues was applied. The responses obtained were analyzed using a qualitative content analysis methodology.

The results obtained show that the media are positioned as an important influencing factor in the players' performance. The massification of information and sports content as well as the transformation process that sports communication goes through thus positioned them. Due to the unequivocal effect of the media, some coaches report an environment of tension around their players, which has led to the application of psychological and communicational strategies capable of motivating their athletes towards success. However, the interviewees' perception of the importance of being continuously informed is relevant, causing a need for closer monitoring. The solution offered was internal training for professional football players and coaches in order to obtain a better communication efficiency for the clubs.

We found, in short, that the media advisors and coaches interviewed consider the media to be a relevant factor of influence over professional football, with the potential to provoke teams, namely, lack of confidence, cohesion and tension.

Keywords: Media; Soccer; Coaches; Communication Advisors