Association between physical activity, physical fitness and cognitive performance in elderly


  • Ricardo de Medeiros Soares
  • Ariane Brito Diniz
  • Maria Teresa Cattuzzo



The aim of the study was to analyze the association between physical activity level (PAL), physical fitness (PF) and cognitive performance (CP) of the elderly. Participated in data collection 43 men with a mean age of 64.38 years (SD = 3.35) and 40 women with a mean age of 64.79 years (SD = 3.22), all residents of the city of Recife (PE), which were selected by convenience. The PAL was evaluated on the transport, work, household activities and leisure domains. The PF was evaluated by the upper and lower member muscle strength, flexibility (low back and shoulder) and cardiorespiratory endurance tests. The tests of episodic, work and semantic memory, attention and executive function (planning), evaluate the DC. Among men, PAL in transport domain was associated with semantic memory (r = .333; p = .036); among women cardio respiratory endurance was associated with work memory (r = .403; p = .007). The results suggested that PAL, PF and CP of the elder subjects may be selectively associated.





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