Sports Management in Local Authorities: a conceptual analysis of Municipal Sports Companies




Sports Management, Local Authorities, Municipal Sport Companies, Sports Development


The research focuses on the characterization of municipal sports companies in Portugal, aiming to identify the temporal constitution, territorial distribution and impact on the population. Methodologically, mixed methods were used in the interpretation and documental analysis, subsequently applying descriptive statistical techniques in the treatment of data and the sample was selected (n=18) based on the universe constituted by the 2021 List of Local Companies (n=173). The results show that most municipal sports companies are located in the northern region of the country (56%), their main area of activity is the management of sports facilities (89%), and they were mainly formed between 1992 and 2006, mostly between 1999 and 2002 (67%) covering 6% of Portuguese municipalities, 8% of municipal councils, and 18% of the total population. Considering the scientific knowledge in this area, research shows a decrease of this type of organization over the last decades, essentially due to the cession of activity, change of economic activity code or greater specification of the categories of municipal companies. Their implementation is small and territorially concentrated, including 11 districts, 18 municipalities, 249 parishes, corresponding to 6% of the territory and with a direct impact on approximately 2 million citizens.

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Jerónimo García-Fernández , University of Seville, Spain






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