Dual careers in high sporting performance in Europe: a systematic literature review





barriers, facilitators, student-athlete, elite athlete, school


High-performance sport is now recognised in Europe as an important factor in member states’ sports development. Still, its demands are a problem for student-athletes who seek to make their studies compatible with high-performance sports in a dual career. This systematic review of the literature aims to identify barriers and facilitators to the dual-career reported in relevant investigations carried out in Europe in recent years (2015–2020) selected from the keywords: “dual career” AND “student-athlete”, “elite-athlete” AND “school”. The research was carried out in the databases Scopus, Science Direct, Medline, Sportdiscus and PsycArticles between the 1st and the 21st of June 2020. The results allow identifying barriers (university education, cultural adaptation associated with cultural transition, substance use, stress, sports burnout, and time management) and facilitators (motivations) that are reflected in the school system, in the sports system, in both or the abandonment of one of the careers. The studies also reveal a need for greater investments in understanding the complex phenomenon of dual careers, through international studies, with representative samples and mixed methods of investigation, to overcome difficulties and find solutions with all those who have responsibility in the field of double career success.

Keywords: barriers; facilitators; student-athlete; elite athlete; school.





Review Article