Concentration and accuracy level of soccer referees during match


  • Alberto Inácio Da Silva
  • Mario Cesar De Oliveira
  • Maria Regina Ferreira Brandão
  • Marisa Cury Agreta
  • Turibio Leite De Barros Neto



The aim of this study was to assess whether there are differences in the level attention focused and accuracy judges of soccer referee during the soccer match. For this purpose, the sample was composed of eight male referees accredited by the Paulista Football Federation, who officiate official matches of the U-20 Paulista championship in 2003. The test used was Concentrated Attention - Toulouse Piéron, which is designed to measure the speed and accuracy when performing simple tasks of identifying squares, perceptual in nature, without resorting to intellectual functions. The tests were recorded in real time during matches with a digital cam HANDYCAMTM model DCR. The chi-square test showed a significant difference between decisions taken in the first 30 minutes of the second half of the game when compared to the final fifteen minutes (p = 0.003). The test t-paired showed significant difference to the speed of concentration before and after the game (p = 0.005), was not significant for the concentration quality (p = 0.209). It was observed that the referees showed fewer tendencies to make mistake in the final fifteen minutes of the game and had higher test speed in concentration after the game, not going to the same concentration quality.

Author Biographies

Alberto Inácio Da Silva

Graduação em Educação Física - PUCPR

Mestrado em Metodologia do Treinamento Desportivo - ISCF Manuel Fajardo - CUBA

Doutorado em Biologia Celular e Molecular - área de concentração FIsiologia - UFPR

Mario Cesar De Oliveira

Graduado em Educação Física

Mestrado em reabilitação - UNIFESP

Doutorado em Ciências - UNIFESP

Maria Regina Ferreira Brandão

Graduada em Psicologia

Mestrado em Educação Fisica - UFSM

Doutorado em Educação Física - UNICAMP


Marisa Cury Agreta

Graduada em Psicologia

Mestrado em Ciência - UNIFESP

Turibio Leite De Barros Neto

Graduação em Biomedicina

Mestrado em Ciências Biológicas - UNIFESP

Doutorado em Ciência Biológica - UNIFESP






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