Radiology Case


  • Maria Miguel Gomes Pediatric Department, Hospital de Braga
  • Augusta Gonçalves Pediatric Department, Hospital de Braga
  • Helena Silva Pediatric Department, Hospital de Braga



Diaphragmatic Eventration, Auscultation, Thoracic Radiography, Child


Six-month old male, with previous acute bronchiolitis at 4 months and a positive family history of atopy was brought to the Emergency Room with fever, poor feeding, and shortness of breath. On physical examination he was hemodynamically stable, pulse oximetry of 98%, respiratory frequency of 48 cycles per minute and intercostal retractions. Pulmonary auscultation showed decreased breath sounds at the inferior third of the right hemithorax and bilateral wheezing and crackles. Laboratory investigations were unremarkable. Chest radiography with posteroanterior and lateral incidence showed opacity at the inferior third of the right hemithorax, continuous elevation of the right hemidiaphragm - diaphragmatic eventration. Because of persistent respiratory symptoms after therapy with inhaled short-acting beta-2 agonists and inhaled corticosteroids, surgery with thoracoscopic plication was undertaken to correct the defect. Currently, at 24 months, there is no recurrence of the eventration.


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