SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: from Awareness to Requirements, a Paradigmatic Vision of Environmental Economic Thought

  • Nilton Portugal
  • Pedro Júnior
  • Fabrício Piurcosky
  • Sheldon Silva
  • Gustavo Garcia


The objective of this work is to present the fundamentals and concepts related to sustainable development, as well as their evolution. It is sought, specifically, to present an analysis of the main lines of economic thought applied to the environmental context and a reflexive and epistemological discussion about the paths trodden by them within the paradigmatic approach of Burrel and Morgan. It consists of three main chapters: the first deals with the evolution of the concepts of sustainable development; the second seeks to analyze the principle lines of thought about the environmental economy and its central directions; finally, the discussions and reflections of these lines of thought in the paradigmatic context.
Keywords: sustainable development; environmental economy; sociological paradigms.