Aortic rupture in lumbar discectomy: how the anesthesiologist can make a difference




Aortic rupture, Vascular injury, Iatrogenic injury, Lumbar discectomy, Endovascular treatment


Abdominal aortic rupture is a rare complication in lumbar discectomy, one of the most common procedures in neurosurgery. Although rare, knowledge of such possibility is crucial to prevent fatal consequences. We present a case of a 53-year-old woman, ASA III, with an abdominal aortic injury during lumbar discectomy. After anesthetic emergence, hemodynamic instability associated to a significant drop of hemoglobin made the senior anesthesiologist suspect of an iatrogenic vascular injury, which a computer tomography (CT) angiography later confirmed. The patient was promptly transferred to a vascular surgery operating room, where the hemorrhage was controlled by endovascular placement of a stent at the aortic rupture site.

A quick diagnosis is of the essence for such a serious complication and a multidisciplinary approach is essential to the successful management of these patients. 


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