Self-reported feeling of mood, fatigue and recovery and physical performance of tae kwon athletes during a pre-competitive period


  • Diego de Oliveira Costa UTAD - University of Trás-os-Montes & Alto Douro
  • Leonardo dos Santos Oliveira
  • Fabiano Ferreira de Lima
  • Clarice Maria de Lucena Martins
  • Luis Felipe Gomes Barbosa Pereira Lemos
  • Alexandre Sérgio Silva



This study monitored self-reported feeling of mood, fatigue and recovery, anthropometry and physical performance in Tae Kwon Do athletes during a pre-competitive period. We assessed mood states (Questionnaire POMS), stress and subjective recovery (RESTQ - Sport 76), estimated fat mass (skinfolds), and physical performance (speed test - 30meters, horizontal jump and aerobic performance - Queens College step test) in nine male athletes of Paraiba tae kwon do state team, Brazil. These evaluations were performed every three days along two weeks before the competition and along the week after the competition day. During the week prior to competition self-reported feelings of mood, stress and recovery increased, followed by a decrease in the recovery scales. Athletes decreased their velocity, but it was observed a significant increase in muscle power (P = 0.023, Δ = 7.2 %). No changes were observed for aerobic performance during the same week. During the pre-competitive period, the athletes presented an increase in psychological stress and a decrease in physical performance.





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