Lateral asymmetries in the kick movement and the soccer and futsal performance


  • Fabio Augusto Barbieri
  • Lilian Teresa Bucken Gobbi



For proficiency, on soccer and futsal, is necessary that the athlete has similarperformance between contralateral limbs. However, few athletes show this level ofbehavior. The aim of this study was to review in the literature the side asymmetry onsoccer and futsal kick and what its effects on performance. The study used asystematic review to answer the questions. The results showed asymmetries between contralateral limbs with respect to the ability to kick, requiring proper and equalitytraining between the sides to develop similarly limbs. Moreover, the similarity shouldbe at the highest level, in other words, on performance level of the dominant limb. Inthe training, greater emphasis to aspects of the kick kinematic than the aspectsrelated to the strength should be performed as much the kick limb as the supportlimb. We conclude that the asymmetries between the sides in the kicks affect theathletes’ performance during the game, but this issue is not yet solved, requiringfurther studies with respect to training and the differences between the sides.



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