Van Neck-Odelberg Disease: A rare cause of childhood limping


  • Joana Ferreira Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira
  • Maria Cristina Granado Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira
  • Cláudia Lemos Department of Pediatrics, Centro Materno-Infantil do Norte, Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto
  • Sara Cunha Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira
  • Teresa São Simão Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira
  • Cristina Ferreira Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira
  • Cláudia Neto Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira



hip, joint pain, M. pneumoniae, Van Neck-Odelberg


Introduction: Joint pain and limping are common in pediatric age. Assessment of a child with joint pain requires differentiating benign conditions from those requiring urgent medical attention.
Case report: A previously healthy nine-year-old boy was brought to the Emergency Department with fever and pain in the left ankle and hip associated with limping. He reported fever, abdominal pain, and slightly dry cough two weeks before admission.
Blood analysis revealed an elevation in erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein serum concentration. Serology tests were positive for Mycoplasma pneumoniae acute infection and imaging studies enabled the diagnosis of Van Neck-Odelberg disease (VND).
Discussion/Conclusion: Presence of joint pain often represents a diagnostic challenge, especially in children who present with fever and elevation of acute-phase reactants. VND is a rare cause of limping and in this case corresponded to an imaging finding. The final diagnosis was reactive arthritis secondary to M. pneumoniae infection


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