Model For Settling The Unresolved Segment In Noel Besi – Citrana Land Borders Of Indonesia - Timor Leste




Model; Unresolved Segment; Noel Besi - Citrana; Border; Indonesia - Timor Leste.


State borders are imperative to a country as affirmation of the limits of the sovereignty of the country. A border is a strategic and vital area. The term strategic comes from the fact that a border area has natural resource potencies and a market opportunity because of its close distance from the neighboring country. It is vital since, in a political term, a border area is related to State sovereignty, defense, security, nationalism, and social, economic, and cultural aspects. This research focuses on analyzing and developing a model for settling the unresolved segment in Noel Besi-Citrana, land borders of Indonesia-Timor Leste. The method was qualitative with a case study approach. Findings showed that the unresolved segment problem in Noel Besi-Citrana had its roots in the dissenting interpretation of the 1904 Treaty. We proposed a model for settling the unresolved segment in Noel Besi-Citrana by studying the negotiation process development between Indonesia and Timor Leste is a settlement model using a top-down political approach. A political approach was considered the most effective because the regular way that is usually done causes this problem to drag on.


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