Relationship between achievement goals, anxiety and self-confidence, and subjective well-being in Brazilian athletes


  • Marcos Gimenes Fernandes
  • José Vasconcelos-Raposo
  • Helder Miguel Fernandes



The present study aimed to investigate the relationship between achievement goals, anxiety, self-confidence and subjective well-being (positive and negative affect, and satisfaction with life) through path analysis. The sample consisted of 169 Brazilian athletes (140 males and 29 females), aged between 17 and 59 years, of different sports and competitive levels. The questionnaires TEOSQ, CSAI-2, EBES and SWLS were applied the day before the competition, on-site training of athletes. Main results partially demonstrated that anxiety and self-confidence mediated the relationship between motivational orientations and subjective well-being. Based on modification indices of the structural model, regression coefficients were specified between ego orientation and negative affect, and between task orientation and the positive dimensions of well-being (positive affect and satisfaction). Results were discussed taking into account the theoretical and practical implications of these relationships.





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