Differences between gendres in motor skills: running, jumping, throwing and kicking


  • Maria Isabel Mourão Carvalhal
  • José Vasconcelos-Raposo




Back Ground: the purpose of the present study was to compare the differences between boys and girls in the basic motor skills: throwing and kicking (process and product). Methodology: the sample consisted of 141 children, 79 boys and 62 girls aged between 7 and 8 who attended the second year of first phase of first cycle basic school in the district of Vila Real. The motor product was assessed by the mean distance obtained in repeated throws, jumps and kicks trials and time in running. The process was assessed with a Gallahue’s10 checklist. Results: when we compared male and female motor performance significant effects were observed both at the level of motor process and in the product. Males showed highest product and process performance in manipulative skills like throwing and kicking. Conclusions: the higher levels of performance from males in all the skills, mannely in throwing and kicking showed the influence of sociocultural factors in motor learning skills.



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