Confirmatory factor analysis of the Portuguese version of the CSAI-2


  • Eduarda Maria Coelho
  • José Vasconcelos-Raposo
  • Helder Miguel Fernandes



The aim of this study was to assess the factorial structure of the Portuguese version of CSAI-2, using several structures suggested in previous studies, through confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) in two different samples (calibration and validation). The calibration sample consisted of 287 Physical Education and Sports students and the validation sample of 323 athletes of individual sports. The results of CFA according to the original structure showed some inadequacy of the model. Other structures, suggested by different authors were analysed, revealing acceptable values levels of goodness of fit indices, though still not adequate ones. The new model that we suggest, without the arousal scale, has shown adequate adjustment for the calibration sample and its capability has been validated by the second sample (X2/df= 2,645; CFI= 0,916; GFI= 0,871 e RMSEA= 0,074). The use of the new model requires further validation, however, due to the obtained good of fitness scores its use in research is suggested. The new model consists of two negatively correlated scales (negativity and self-confidence). The subsequent confirmation of its psychometric properties is recommended for future studies.



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