Intensity of negativity and self-confidence in brazilian soccer players


  • José Vasconcelos-Raposo
  • Eduarda Maria Coelho
  • Álvaro Cielo Mahl
  • Helder Miguel Fernandes



The purpose of the present study was to analyse Brazilian soccer players’ levels of negativity and self-confidence regarding distinct competitive levels and game positions. We also pretended determine the magnitude and direction of the association between the dependent variables (negativity and self-confidence) and the athlete’s age and sport experience. A sample of 529 Brazilian professional soccer players completed the negativity and self-confidence subscale of a Portuguese version of the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory - 2 (CSAI-2)24. While comparing groups we used independent samples t-test (for 2 subgroups) and ANOVA with the Scheffé post-hoc (for 3 or more subgroups). Pearson product-moment coefficients were calculated to determine the association between variables. Main results demonstrated that the national league players reported lower negativity and higher self-confidence than regional league players. When distinct performance levels were analysed also considering the athlete’s division, 2nd regional league soccer players presented higher negativity than those from the 2nd national league and lower self-confidence than those from both national divisions. Negativity and self-confidence pre-competitive levels didn’t differ according distinct game positions. Age and sport experience correlated negatively with negativity levels before competition. Overall, it’s suggested the need to interpret the negativity symptoms direction for a better acknowledgement of this emotion in the sport’s context.



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