Analysis of instruction in youth training with handball coaches




coach behavior, T-patterns detection, feedback, handball


The way the coach intervenes in training is extremely important for the players and team development. Thus, we intend to analyze the intervention of 3 coaches of young handball in the training process. The coaches hold the professional title of coach level I (n= 2) and level II (n= 1), assigned by the Sport and Youth Portuguese Institute, were handball practitioners; two have a degree in Physical Education and were observed in 3 training sessions. The observational instrument used is the Pedagogical Intervention Analysis System on the Content of the Handball Coach (SAIPCTA). The LINCE® software was used to code the instructional behavior. For data descriptive statistical analysis IBM SPSS Statistics® and the computer program THEME 6®, for the T-patterns detection were used. The coaches observed preferably issue technical information, emit a lot of non-specific information, prescriptive feedback, positive evaluative, and encouragement. The form of preferential instruction is auditory and directed to the individual. In conclusion, the observation of the coaches raises some questions about the effectiveness of the strategies adopted in the training process, which should be the subject of reflective practice.

KEYWORDS: coach behavior; T-patterns detection; feedback; handball.





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