History of Fitness in Portugal: A Brief Review of the Influences that Shaped the Current National Panorama





fitness, history, portugal, gymnasium, trends


Fitness in Portugal results from a set of historical intersections marked by various influences and personalities. To a large extent, knowledge of this path is essential to understanding the current reality and some of the problems the area faces. The present study intends to situate and summarize the main national and international events and influences, as well as some time frames, which led to the development of the intervention area commonly called fitness. For this purpose, the work is structured in three parts: i) the beginnings of fitness, where some of the international influences that were at the origin of this area will be presented; ii) some of the main influences and factors that allowed the growth of fitness in Portugal; and iii) the effect of the historical trajectory of fitness in the current context and future considerations about the area. Given the scarcity of records on the subject, the present work, as an opinion article, will also be a self-report of the authors, who, having experienced different moments of this history, intend to leave a contribution to this record and for future reflections of its impact on the development of the area, professionals, and respective practices.





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