Personal training: recommendations to raise the quality of the service provided




gymnasiums, health clubs, personal training, individual training, physical exercise


Individualized intervention structured through personalized training is an important tool for exercise professionals and a service of potential importance for the health and well-being of exercisers. Personalized training is a practice developed nationally by thousands of professionals and relatively common in various contexts, where gyms and health clubs stand out in particular. Considering the reduced national production of literature on this topic and assuming the importance and relevance of issuing updated recommendations that derive from concrete limitations observed in the context of practice, this article has the main objective of issuing guidelines and operational recommendations that allow for admeasurement and regulation of the work implemented in this context, aiming at a critical reflection and improvement of the service provided. The recommendations issued also seek, in addition to the support associated with the performance of the professional practice, to help to clarify what should constitute and delimit the provision of this service in the eyes of a practitioner, pointing out a path that aims to standardize behaviors and actions ethically and professionally recommended, which can and should be assumed in the provision of personalized training, and allow to create a clearer, more objective, and delimited social image of this individualized service.

KEYWORDS: gymnasiums; health clubs; personal training; individual training; physical exercise





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