Pubic pain in children - An unexpected diagnosis


  • Francisca Dias de Freitas Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira
  • Liane Moreira Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira
  • Alícia Rebelo Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira
  • Liliana Macedo Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira
  • Bárbara Pereira Department of Pediatrics, Hospital Senhora da Oliveira



acute pelvic osteomyelitis, pubic osteitis, pubic pain, pubic symphysis


Osteoarticular pain is common in pediatric age, and despite its mostly benign etiology, a complete diagnostic approach is essential. The authors describe the case of a previously healthy nine-year-old child with pain in the bilateral adductor region and claudication with 15 days of evolution associated with fever and pubic pain for seven days. The initial study revealed elevated inflammatory markers. Subsequent pelvic magnetic resonance imaging showed pubic osteitis associated with pubic body osteomyelitis complicated with a right adductor abscess.
With this case, the authors intend to highlight that, although acute osteomyelitis in pediatric patients generally affects the long bones, acute axial skeletal osteomyelitis, namely pelvic, should be considered in the differential diagnosis of patients with pubic pain. In addition, early diagnosis minimizes local and distant complications and short- and long-term sequelae.


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