Multiple Voices to the Development of a Critical and Responsible Citizenship


  • Ana Paula Caetano Universidade de Lisboa
  • Isabel Freire Universidade de Lisboa



Participation, Responsibility, Commitment, Citizenship, Hope, Research Projects


This paper presents reflections on education and citizenship and the issues addressed, arising from three research projects with distinct methodologies. These projects have transversely advocated human dignity and the value of participation, interdependency, and responsibility among human beings, particularly those involved in more vulnerable situations. In the project Cyberbullying — a diagnostic of the situation in Portugal, the importance of understanding violence phenomena by identifying risk and protection factors has been evidenced, highlighting the relevance of an education based on co-responsibility, and an ethic of care. In the critical ethnographic project Urban Boundaries — the dynamics of cultural encounters, discussions evolved around communitarian education, and education was understood as a movement aggregating several dimensions of the project and including members of the local communities actively advocating their rights. In the project Voices of youth in the development of intercultural education, the value of children and youngsters’ participation in social transformation was highlighted, streamlining initiatives with the school community through dialogic, artistic, and technologic processes that promoted the development of intercultural competences.


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Author Biographies

Ana Paula Caetano, Universidade de Lisboa

Ana Paula Caetano has a PhD in Education from the University of Lisbon and is a teacher and researcher at the Institute of Education at the University of Lisbon. Participates in national and international projects in the areas of curriculum and teacher education and interdisciplinary issues, especially the issues of professional development, ethics, citizenship, social and educative mediation and intercultural education. Research on these issues is at the origin of scientific articles and book chapters published in Portuguese, Spanish,
French and English.


Isabel Freire, Universidade de Lisboa

Isabel Freire, PhD in Sciences Education. Associate Professor and Researcher at the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon. She coordinates doctoral courses in Education (specialization in Teacher Education) and master courses in Education (specialization  in Intercultural Education). She already supervised several post-graduate students (Master and PhD students) on research projects about these matters. Currently, she coordinates, with Ana Paula Caetano, the research strand Education and citizenship of the Unit of Research and Development in Education and Formation of the University of Lisbon (UIDEF). Her main interests of research are related to interpersonal relationships, interculturality in education and teacher education. Research on these issues is at the origin of scientific articles published (as single author or co-authored) in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.