Elite futsal players' perceptions of paths to expertise: A multidimensional and qualitative approach





expertise, psychological, talent development, transition, interview


This study aimed to describe the perception of expert futsal players about the pathway that guides their development to expertise. Twenty-three professional futsal players from Brazil, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Argentina were interviewed. The participants must have reached the elite in futsal by competing in professional leagues, as well as to have participated in international competitions with the national team. Six categories emerged from qualitative analysis: (1) positive influence of context, (2) Abilities/skills of the young player, (3) Educational background, (4) Training stages, (5) Key aspects of training, and (6) Retirement and post-career. Results revealed similar patterns in the pathway to expertise within futsal. Participants considered their family and coaches as key individuals in their careers. They also highlighted psychological and personal skills as the most relevant for a player to reach the elite. Furthermore, most participants considered that both unstructured play and training with better players positively influenced their careers. Our results could help coaches to adjust their long-term talent development models.

Keywords: expertise, psychological, talent development, transition, interview.






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