A Avaliação da Composição Corporal: A Medição de Pregas Adiposas como Técnica para a Avaliação da Composição Corporal


  • Francisco Gonçalves
  • Paulo Mourão




With our work, we intend to elaborate a document of research and support, as well as of orientation for future “appraisers” of the Body Composition, through the Anthropometry and more concretely, the measurement of Skinfolds. This arise because the detailed analysis of the Body Composition allows the quantification of many body components and becomes of extreme importance therefore allows to determine the total and regional amount of body fat (Fragoso and Vieira, 2000). Exists several techniques for the evaluation of the same Body Composition, since direct technique, indirect techniques and doubly indirect techniques. Logically, the direct techniques are more exactly, but unhappyly they are expensive and slow, for that, they become of difficult execution.Thus, the existence of the other techniques becomes very important because are more accessible, as it is the case of the Anthropometry and the measurement of Skinfolds. However, even in this technique exists very cares and procedures, such as the type of used instrument, the places of measurement, etc., that must be had in account, to minimize measure errors.



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