COMBINED intervention of neuromuscular electrical stimulation and cycling exercise in Maximal Oxygen INTake OUTPUT.


  • Rui Ângelo
  • Paulo Mourão
  • Alberto Carvalho
  • Carlos Carvalho



The main purpose of our study was to test the direct effect of using combined electrical muscle stimulation with endurance cycling exercises over the maximal oxygen intake factor. We used a sample of 12 subjects, subsequently split into to different groups of 6. All subjects were participants in a four week, four times per week, 50 minute cycling training protocol. One group was also subjected to a simultaneous electrical muscle stimulation protocol on three of the training sessions. To assess maximal aerobic power output we used a maximal cycle-ergometer test with step by step load increases. Our results demonstrated that the muscle stimulation assisted group revealed a statistically signifi cant VO2máx increase, as well as a higher physical fi tness development when comparing within group heart rate evolution. However, between group difference was not signifi cant. We may thus conclude that combined training methodologies may contribute to a faster and more effective goal achievement when, regarding VO2máx variables.




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