A Utilização dos Membros Superiores nos Saltos Verticais: Estudo Comparativo entre um Salto sem Contra-movimento sem a Utilização dos Membros Superiores e um Salto sem Contra-movimento com a Utilização Dos Membros Superiores


  • Paulo Mourão
  • Francisco Gonçalves




The motor action “jump” is a fundamental sport movement and is present in many sport activities. Considering that the success of several sports come from this action, it’s extremely important to optimize it, to enhance the sport performance. One way to do that, in agreement with several investigators, it’s swinging with the arms.The aim of this study is the comparison between the performance of a non-arm swing vertical jump and an arm swing vertical jump. One subject male (height=1,75m; weight=75kg; age=26 years) performed one non-arm swing vertical squat jump and a arm-swing vertical squat jump. We used the Kinematics techniques to capture and analyze both jumps. Based in the results, we concluded that the arm swing, enhance the performance of a vertical jump, enhancing the take-off velocity of the gravity center. This enhance could be explained based in many factors, like the presence of counter productive mechanisms and the existence of more time to performforce, in arm-swing vertical jumps.



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