Ficha de Observação/Avaliação Motora: Ficha para verificação da qualidade de jogo dos alunos do 3º ciclo do Ensino Básico, nos Jogos Desportivos Colectivos


  • Francisco Gonçalves
  • Paulo Mourão
  • Ágata Aranha



The present work consisted on the design of a motor performance observational sheet that could also be used for motor evaluation. For this purpose, we analyzed the common characteristics of group sports, with the intention of obtaining a distinction between the two final levels (good or weak). We also used all the basic theoretical assumptions inherent to the construction of motor performance tests, as well as the programme for Physical Education proposed by the Education Ministry for the school year of 2004/2005.This work has emerging relevance mainly due to the lack of observational instruments on the motor performance, domain of groups ports with territorial invasion. We therefore, attempted to create an observational sheet as valid, objective and reliable as possible, in order to evaluate students of the third grade of basic education. This assessment was made independently of student age or gender so that the success criterion could be adapted to the abilities that are expected to be present in these students. Prior to the use of this observational sheet, the proper application conditions should be present, as well as its application protocol should be of the subject’s knowledge. When used along with video aid this sheet becomes an extraordinarily simple and fast instrument to work with, being also wide enough to include several types of group sports.



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