Educational Modernity: Representation and Writings


  • Justino Magalhães Universidade de Lisboa



History of Education, Educational Modernity, Education-institution


The set of texts published in this issue focus, to varying degrees, on the education-institution as a singularity, as an institution-school, or, in a narrower sense, as institutional schooling. From a more objective perspective, they focus on the school. Within the scope of the theme and its timeframe, the concept of representation provides a plurality of objects, figurations, meanings and forms of communication and appropriation. Representation encompasses both the uniform and the diverse, reordering the historical and pedagogical fabric, language, symbology, theoretical and conceptual framework, intentionality and the nature of the object. In other words, it changes authorship and the ways of symbolising and relating.


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Author Biography

Justino Magalhães, Universidade de Lisboa

Justino Magalhães is a Historian of Education. He is Full Professor at the Instituto de Educação, Universidade de Lisboa, coordinator of the Field of Research and Teaching in History and Psychology of Education and co-coordinator of the Doctoral Degree in History of Education. His current fields of research and publication are History of Education and Schooling; History of Literacy; History of Textbooks; History of Educational Institutions; History of Local and Pedagogical Municipality.