The «Eventualizing» of Arts Education


  • Catarina Silva Martins Universidade do Porto
  • Thomas S. Popkewitz University of Wisconsin-Madison



Arts Education, Artistic research, Eventualizing


The contributions included in this special issue focus on critical, cultural and historical perspectives on arts education, from its 'reason' in schooling to curriculum, pedagogy, the sciences of education and artistic research. The editors invited international scholars for a conversation that breaks conventions in thinking about arts education as an event that engages a broader and simultaneously focused theoretically discussion around problems that directly affect today's arts education disciplinary field. Theoretical yet at the same time historical and 'empirical' through detailed attention to things of the world; an 'act' that itself has repercussions into the very tissues of contemporary thinking about method as distinct from theory; and the real as somehow a distinction field that separates and makes the material as in opposition rather than in relation to language and discourses. The authors provide a family of resemblance to constitute a share common feld of study, commonly referred to as post-structuralism, and therefore operations dedicated to language as embodying historical inscribed systems of reason understood in their productive effects.


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Author Biographies

Catarina Silva Martins, Universidade do Porto

Catarina Silva Martins is Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Oporto University, and Director of i2ADS-Institute of Research in Art, Design, and Society, University of Oporto, in which she also coordinates the Research Group in Art Education. Her research interests lie in rethinking arts education curriculum studies in the present from a historical approach focusing on the systems of reason that govern policy and research. She is the Link Convenor for Network 29: Research in Arts Education at EERA, editor of the journal Derivas: Research in Arts Education and board member of the series Doing Arts Thinking: Arts Practice, Research and Education, at Sense Publishers.

Thomas S. Popkewitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thomas S. Popkewitz is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA and Visiting Research Professor, at the University of Luxembourg. His studies are concerned with the systems of reason that govern pedagogical reforms, education sciences, and teacher education. His recent publications include Cosmopolitanism and The Age of Reform: Science, Education And Making Society By Making The Child (2008); Schooling and the Making of Citizens in the Long Nineteenth Century: Comparative Visions (2011), edited with Daniel Tröhler and David F. Labaree; and Globalization and The Study of Education (2009, with F. Rizvi, eds.). He is currently working on a book about social and education science as a history of the present, examining the historical and political limits of practical knowledge as a project of the social and education sciences.