Education and Territory: A Conceptual Framework

  • Pierre Champollion ECP – Lyon, ESO – Caen and Université Joseph Fourier –Grenoble
Keywords: Context, Rural school, Territorial effect, Territoriality, Territory


The links between education and territory are complex. No part of schooling can free itself from the territorial context in which the school action plan develops: formal schooling, academic achievement, vocational orientation, didactics, pedagogy, etc. are all concerned, to a greater or lesser extent according to the territories and to the educational systems. Thus, territory can have an effect from the outside on school education as an impact factor, but it can also have a full educational role. It may also impact on education as a whole, as in some mountain areas. Nevertheless, all things considered, is it really the territory which has an impact on school; or is it rather its «symbolic » part-the territoriality-which «shapes» the education pathways? While the different contexts having influence on education-spatial, political, institutional contexts for instance-have been analysed for a long time, it is completely different regarding territoriality, which has only really been tackled for fifteen years.


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Author Biography

Pierre Champollion, ECP – Lyon, ESO – Caen and Université Joseph Fourier –Grenoble
is a former school inspector and deputy director of the IUFM Grenoble, Pierre Champollion is currently Research holder in the laboratory ECP Education, Culture, Policy (Education Sciences) and research associate in the laboratory ESO-Caen Spaces and Societies (geography). He chairs since 2009 the «Observatory Education and Territories», multidisciplinary research team (education sciences, sociology, geography). His personal research focuses on the issue of «education, territoriality and territory». Doctor of the University of Provence (Aix-Marseille1), holder of an authorization to supervise research obtained on the University Paul Valery (Montpellier3), he has published numerous articles and books on relations school-territory, rural and mountain including, question that remains little attention in educational sciences.