Criminal Association - An Authoring Question


  • Celso Leal


The legal type of criminal association, being a legal type of complex crime, leads to the Portuguese Courts may have ambiguous decisions about their possible legal fill. The confusion, in particular drug trafficking crime, between the commission of the criminal organization offense, the commission of the crime itself but with the aggravation of the crime agents act in a gang or even as a mere co-authorship is very easy because forms of co-authorship and the conspiracy crime fill are often tenuous . So perceive boundaries, contours, and what the requirements for it to be filled in the type of criminal association crime and who may be the perpetrators is crucial and necessary, and what we propose to explain.

Author Biography

Celso Leal

Licenciado em Direito na Universidade Portucalense em 2001

Magistrado do Ministério Público

Formador do CEJ nos Tribunais

Conferencista no CEJ sobre Direito Estradal e Penas acessórias

Autor de diversos artigos para a Revista do Ministério Público, Revista do CEJ




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