Developing Knowledge of Inquiry-Based Teaching by Analysing a Multimedia Case: One Study with Prospective Mathematics Teachers


  • Hélia Oliveira Universidade de Lisboa
  • Márcia Cyrino Universidade Estadual de Londrina



Pre-service teacher education, Inquiry-based teaching, Multimedia cases, Dialogical perspective of learning, Mathematics teaching


This study aims to understand the knowledge of inquiry-based teaching that prospective mathematics teachers reveal when analysing a multimedia case featuring one mathematics teacher´s practice in one 7th grade lesson. Data analysis focused on individual reflections that prospective teachers had written, covering four major points: the nature of the task, articulation and purpose of the lesson phases, the teacher’s role in inquiry-based teaching, and anticipated challenges. The results show that the use of the multimedia case enabled prospective teachers to develop an understanding of various dimensions of inquiry teaching practice and its complexity, while they simultaneously began to predict specific difficulties they would face in their future professional practice. Significant elements of a dialogical perspective of learning also emerged from the study, as the prospective teachers recognize the central roles of language in knowledge construction, and of the interaction between teacher and student and among the students, in different moments of the lesson.


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Author Biographies

Hélia Oliveira, Universidade de Lisboa

Hélia Oliveira is an assistant professor at the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon. Her current main interests are teacher education, in particular initial teacher education, multimedia resources, the development of students’ algebraic thinking, and statistics teaching. She has co-authored chapters and books for an international audience and papers in national and international journals and in proceedings of refereed national and international conferences.

Márcia Cyrino, Universidade Estadual de Londrina

Márcia Cyrino is a professor in the Mathematics Department and in the Post-Graduate Programme in Science and Mathematics Teaching at the State University of Londrina (Brazil). Her main research interests are mathematics teacher education, with a particular focus on the practicum and the teacher’s professional identity, algebraic thinking, and proportional reasoning. She is a productivity researcher of CNPq and has conducted several projects supported by the Fundação Araucária and CNPq. She has authored a number of book chapters and papers on mathematics education and teacher education.