Mathematics Professional Development Researchers as Stakeholders


  • Paola Sztajn North Carolina State University



Mathematics education, Professional development, Technical rationality


In this paper I argue that since the publication of The Reflective Practitioner (Schön, 1983), mathematics professional development researchers have focused on bringing teachers’ knowledge to the foreground, leaving behind the value of their own research community’s knowledge. I revisit Schön’s criticism of the technical rationality and use examples from my own practice in mathematics professional development to suggest that instead of continuing to reject technical rationality, mathematics professional development researchers should consider a revised version of it to move the field forward: one that values both teachers’ and researchers’ knowledge.


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Author Biography

Paola Sztajn, North Carolina State University

Paola Sztajn is a professor of mathematics education at North Carolina State University and currently serves as head of the Department of Elementary Education. She previously served as a program officer at NSF and is the incoming chair for the Special Interest Group for Research in Mathematics Education for the American Educational Research Association. Her research focuses on elementary teachers’ professional development in mathematics. She is currently the principal investigator for three grants from the National Science Foundation,all Included in Mathematics, Professional Development Models, and Learning Trajectory Based Instruction. Her work has been published in journals such as Educational Researcher, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, and Teaching Children Mathematics.