New bioclimatic maps of Lisbon. Spatial modelling of physiological equivalent temperature

  • Sofia Baltazar Câmara Municipal de Lisboa/Serviço Municipal de Protecção Civil


Bioclimatic indices provide an evaluation of the effect of climate onthermal sensation and comfort, due to the combined use of various atmospheric parameters.In this context, and bearing in mind the comfort of Lisbon’s population, we have developeda methodology for the preparation of bioclimatic maps and performed the spatial modellingof an index applied to the city of Lisbon − the Physiological Equivalent Temperature (PET).Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we performed spatial modelling of thevariousmeteorological and physical variables of the territory and computed the value ofPET for different extreme weather conditions. The resulting maps will contribute to a betterknowledge of the thermal comfort in the city of Lisbon and will provide instruments forbioclimatic characterization, spatial planning and civil protection.