About the Journal

Millenium -Journal of Education, Technologies, and Health, is a peer-reviewed scientific journal owned by the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV). It is edited by the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, it is published every four months (with special supplementary issues occurring whenever deemed appropriate), being available in an electronic format with public and free access. It has an international scope and is published in bilingual format, the English version being compulsory.

With a multidisciplinary vocation and scope, it publishes scientific articles, technical-scientific articles, and theoretical or applied studies, resulting from original research, in different fields and scientific areas of life and health sciences, agricultural, food and veterinary sciences, education and social development, and engineering, technology, management, and tourism, namely those that correspond to the fields of teaching and research developed at the polytechnic system level in Portugal and abroad.

The editorial policy follows the Principles of Transparency and Good Practice in Academic Publishing of the COPE: Committee on Publication Ethics and the criteria of the Directory of Open Access Journals - DOAJ. It is assessed by QUALIS/CAPES.

The reviewing process will be integrally managed in a double-blind review system, preserving the identity of authors and reviewers.

Millennium is guided by the principle that scientific facts and opinions must be separated: the former are untouchable and the latter are free.
The Journal is independent of political power, economic power, and any pressure groups, identifying itself with democratic, pluralist, and solidary values. In the exercise of its activity, it is governed by strict compliance with the ethical and deontological standards of scientific activities, research, and journalism and defends the pluralism of opinion, without prejudice to being able to take its positions.


The journal, which in 2016 completed 20 years of existence, is open to collaboration from all interested parties and continuously accepts proposals for submission of articles. Authors may submit their proposed texts for publication on Millennium's website but must strictly observe the indications for collaboration and the rules for presentation, available on the Journal's website.


Considering that scientific knowledge allied to today's philosophical knowledge are the contemporary pillars that support the best professional practices, based on the best levels of evidence and degrees of recommendation, the mission of the journal is to promote the diffusion of the different products of the processes of scientific, pedagogical and technical research. It also aims to provide information sharing, critical discussion, and debate of ideas, creating channels that bring science closer to business/industry and communities. To achieve this goal and allow the transfer of scientific and technical knowledge to the real world of everyday life of academics, professionals, and ordinary citizens, all articles must be original and scientifically relevant.


The main objective of Millenium magazine is to disseminate scientific knowledge produced in the field of life and health sciences, agricultural sciences, food and veterinary sciences, education and social development, and engineering, technology, management, and tourism. In this way, it aims to provide opportunities for development and permanent professional updating, constituting itself as a means of communication between academics, specialists, professionals, and citizens / the general public.


Teachers, Researchers, Professionals, Higher Education students, and ordinary citizens are interested in life and health sciences, agricultural sciences, food and veterinary sciences, education, and social development, engineering, technology, management, and tourism.


Considering good scientific publishing practices and reducing the time between submission and publication, the journal follows the continuous publication modality since 2023.

Although the journal is organized in three quarterly annual editions (January-April; May-August; September-December), according to the good practices of publication and as a way to promote the rapid communication and dissemination of scientific research, the journal will operate in a continuous publication regime, i.e., the papers will be made available as soon as they are approved and edited in their final version, without waiting for the completion of the entire edition in which they are included. At this stage, the works may already be cited and are already in their final version.


Millenium does not charge article processing and/or submission fees. Authors agree to pay for the translation service of the article once it has been accepted for publication.

Free and open access for authors, reviewers, and readers.



Millennium is accessible in an open access policy, in digital version, and is indexed in several databases and national and international networks of great relevance: