Adaptation of the ABCDE model from Human Medicine to communicate bad news to the owner of the oncologic patient in Veterinary Medicine


  • Helena Vala
  • Fernando Esteves
  • Ana Cristina Mega
  • Carla Santos
  • Carmen Nóbrega
  • João Mesquita



pets, veterinary oncology, communication, bad news, ABCDE mode


Introduction: Similar to what occurs in Human Medicine, also in Veterinary Medicine, the prevalence of oncological diseases has significantly increased.

Development: The evolution of Veterinary Medicine, in last decades has brought changes in clinical paradigms, particularly concerning the relationship with the animal and also with the owner. More than any other specialty, members of the Veterinary Medical Team that work in the oncology field, are unavoidably forced to break bad news. This paper proposes the adaptation of the ABCDE model from Human Medicine to Veterinary Medicine.

Conclusions: The adaptation of the ABCDE model for Veterinary Medicine improves communication with the owner and offers all the members of the Veterinary Medical Team better communication skills.


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