Clinical supervision

representations of nurses in primary health care




nursing, professional training, staff development, interpersonal relations, quality assurance, health care


Introduction: Clinical supervision is a process that involves a professional relationship in which the supervisor facilitates the development of the supervisee, helps them to critically reflect on their practice, behaviors and decisions, provides opportunities for learning, support and professional guidance.

Objetive: To understand the representations of nurses in primary health care about clinical supervision in nursing.

Methods: Qualitative, exploratory study. 42 nurses from three health centres in the northern region of Portugal participated. Data collection through semi-structured interviews and analysis performed according to the principles of the Grounded Theory method using software Nvivo10®.

Results: From the analysis the domain “Clinical supervision as a process” emerged from which three categories were identified: “Professional training and development”; “Interaction and relationship”; and “Assurance of the quality and safety of care”. These categories comprised 10 subcategories.

Conclusion: We found that the nurses’ representations are in line with the conceptions of clinical supervision expressed in the scientific evidence, namely, that they are paralleled in elements of the educational, restorative and normative functions.


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