Philosophies, theories, and models used in occupational nursing

a review protocol


  • Miguel Valencia-Contrera Universidad de Antofagasta, Departamento de Antofagasta, Antofagasta, Chile | Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago, Chile



models nursing, nursing research, nursing theory, occupational health nursing, philosophy nursing


Objective: Identify nursing philosophies, theories and conceptual models applied to occupational health nursing.

Method: Integrative review protocol, according to the six-stage proposal of Toronto and Remington in the year 2020, the WoS, PUBMED, SCOPUS and BVS databases will be consulted; after applying the filters, the summaries of each article will be read, those that meet the previously defined inclusion and exclusion criteria will be extensively reviewed; The quality control of the results will be through the evaluation scale of articles with heterogeneous methodologies for integrative reviews.

Results: The results will be presented in narrative format, grouping the identified philosophies, theories, and conceptual frameworks into three categories: i. nurse as worker; ii. client as worker; iii. environmental health.

Conclusion: It is expected that the review provides guidance on the use of theoretical frameworks to address health situations in occupational nursing, paying tribute to the excellent quality that nursing must have in the management of occupational health care.


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