Vol. 3 No. 3 (2015): Biopolitics, Education and Latin America

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Guest Editors
Julio Groppa Aquino [Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil]
Maura Corcini Lopes [Universidade de Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Brazil]

After the last quarter of twentieth century, it has become almost impossible not to take into consideration the importance of the contributions of Michel Foucault's legacy, and hence, its impact on various fields of human knowledge, concerning the achievement of a more refined comprehension of current social issues. In educational field, in particular, whether in regard to the analysis of the discursive and non discursive practices that currently take place in schooling and beyond it, or in studies on the subjectivation processes and, still, in investigations on the resonances between education and the political, economic and cultural changes in present times, the fact is that Foucault seems to be more alive than ever. (...)

Published: 2015-12-30