THE USAGE OF A SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK TO CREATE A “COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE” The potentialities of using Reddit as a digital tool for a project about European young learners with Down syndrome

  • Maria Potes Barbas Escola Superior de Educação do IPSantarém, Portugal
  • Pedro Matos Escola Superior de Educação do IPSantarém, Portugal
  • Ricardo Raminhos Viatecla, S.A., Portugal
  • Elsa Casimiro Viatecla, S.A., Portugal


The present work consists in demonstrating the usage of a social media network as a digital solution for the development of a community of practice. Based on this idea it is important to understand the concepts of “social media network” and “community of practice” and how can these two be merged into a result. This community of practice was based in a set of activities that were under a European Project. This project aimed at providing e-skills for European young citizens with down syndrome promoting cultural and touristic activities. The social media network in use was Reddit since it was the best online digital solution to create, operate and establish a community of practice for a broad target audience. Thus, it will be presented, through an analytic description, the different elements that composed this community of practice.