Millenium n.º1 série 2


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Millenium is to be congratulated! It completes a cycle of 20 years, crowned with success for the publication of multiple journal articles, embodied in 50 regular edition numbers and 2 special editions. The commitment of the Journal’s new Editorial Board began with the option to entitle it Millennium - Journal of Education, Technologies, and Health. Full-text articles follow, published bilingually, always having an English version and the process of review of a scientific article, from submission to its disclosure, in digital media via Serviço de Alojamento de Revistas Científicas (SARC) do Repositório Científico de Acesso Aberto de Portugal (RCAAP). With the number 1 being published now, issue No. 2 is out, and it establishes the dissemination of science and technology as its main goal. Its affiliation with CI&DETS, the IPV Research Centre, in 2016, reaffirms the desideratum of integrating new knowledge networks, both sustainable and reliable, with open access and able to conquer new authors/reading audiences. This Editorial Board aims to enhance the scientific debate, to support the mobility of talent, the circulation of ideas and the transfer of knowledge to specialised and also to less specialised audiences, through the dissemination of scientific knowledge.


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