Information as support for peer supervision in nursing


  • Cecília Alves
  • Artur Pacheco



clinical supervision, nursing care, health information, quality of health care, professional competence


Introduction: Quality of care is currently a focus of attention for all health professionals including nurses. Evidence has shown that implementing a supervisory process between peers, promotes the development of professional skills, allowing nurses to provide an appropriate professional and critical-reflexive practice, which in turn, will have positive impact on the quality of nursing care. Resulting from the demographic, technological and scientific changes today information integrates the discourse of health professionals.

Development: It is a fact that information is an essential tool in guiding nursing care and it is important to find out what information will be the basis for nurses’ decision-making. This question also helps to identify of these professionals’ training needs, in order to enhance personal development and professional skills and consequently to improve the quality of nursing care. With this narrative review, we intend to reflect on the relevance of implementing a peer supervision process in nursing, as well as, the support that information provides to identify areas of knowledge that need to be addressed with a view to transforming practices.

Conclusions: It is worth noting that the dearth of literature available regarding evidence about the use of information, especially with respect to its support of peer CS in nursing is a limitation in implementing this article. This makes us believe that it is necessary to develop research that combines these two areas.


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