Nursing management

strategies for client and professional safety

  • Tânia Correia Centro Hospitalar do Baixo Vouga, Departamento de Psiquiatria y Saúde Mental, Aveiro, Portugal
  • Maria Manuela Martins Nursing School of Porto, Portugal
  • Elaine Cristina Forte Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Keywords: Nursing Care, Patient Safety, Safety Management, Occupational Risks


Introduction: Health safety has gained special prominence due to the worrying data that has been revealed. High safety standards are not achieved without the involvement of nurse managers.

Objetives: Know the strategies of nurse managers to ensure the safety of clients and nurses in a hospital service.

Methods: Qualitative interpretative study using semi-structured interviews with 14 nurse managers of a hospital in central Portugal, with convenience sampling. Performed content analysis using Bardin methodology and Atlas.ti software.

Results: Twenty categories were identified, such as Team Discussion, Team Reinforcement, Work Plan Distribution, Training, Awareness Raising, Supervision. Of the total of categories, ten relate to client and nurse safety, nine exclusively to client safety and one to nurse safety.

Conclusion: Safety management strategies are predominantly global, evident in the coincidence of categories between user and professional safety strategies. The strategies for client safety outnumber the strategies for nurses. Participants demonstrated knowledge of some of the World Health Organization's key strategic recommendations.

Keywords: Nursing Care; Patient Safety; Safety Management; Occupational Risks

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