40 years ago, in the previous millennium

  • João Luís Monney de Sá Paiva Instituto Politécnico de Viseu
Keywords: Millenium


By the end of 1979, the Decree-Law 513-T/79 defined the polytechnic higher education establishment’s network and the creation of the Polytechnic of Viseu (PV).

With the 40th anniversary Commemorations initiative (40 YEARS PV), which includes the publication of this issue of Millennium, the aim is (1) to increase the visibility of the Polytechnic of Viseu at local, national and international level, (2) fostering the connection of the old PV generations with the current generation, (3) celebrating the achievements, successes and history of the PV and each of its units, (4) encouraging collaborative initiatives with local entities and ( 5) to promote the discussion about the future of polytechnic education, PV in particular.