Acute influence of the resistance exercise order in a training session for chest and tríceps


  • Jefferson da Silva Novaes
  • Belmiro Freitas de Salles
  • Giovanni da Silva Novaes
  • Maria Dolores Monteiro
  • Graça Sofia Monteiro
  • Miguel Videira Monteiro



This experiment investigated the Influence of different resistance exercise order in a training session for chest and triceps on the number of maximum repetitions (RM). Thirteen trained men participated in the experiment (23.8±2.5 years; 76.5±12 kg; 178.5±6.3 cm). Data were collected in two phases: (a) determination of a 8RM load in the: bench press (BP), incline bench press (IBP), decline press (DP), triceps pushdown (TP) and triceps extension (TE), and (b) execution of 3 sets with loads for 8RM, three minutes of interval between sets, five minutes among exercises, in two sequences, to know: (SEQ1); BP, IBP, DP, TP, and TE (SEQ2) TE, TP, DP, IBP, and BP. The paired test t was used to verify the difference between the total numbers of RM produced between sequences. ANOVA two-way was used to verify the differences in the number of RM in each exercise among the sequences. ANOVA one-way to compare the number of RM for set inside the sequences. To identify these differences the post hoc of Tukey was used. Level significance adopted p<0.05. The total number of RM didn’t present significant differences among the sequences. The average number of RM for exercise was smaller when the same was accomplished in the end of the sequence.



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