Impacts of the storm Hercules in Portugal


  • Ângela Santos CEG-IGOT-UL
  • Susana Mendes University of Bergen
  • João Corte-Real University of Évora



The aim of this study is to analyse the impacts of the Hercules storm in Portugal.The storm occurred from January 5th to 7th, 2014. A brief characterization of the storm wasconducted and the witnesses’ accounts were compiled, complemented with field survey beforeand after the storm. The results show that this event had origin in a strong system of low pressurethat hit Portugal. The system triggered strong sea waves with long periods, run-ups between 6 to9 m, and inundation depths mostly under 1 m. The effects on the Portuguese coastline showedsome weaknesses in the spatial planning management: (i) the fact that a wave train restrictedtothe beaches, front streets, ports and marinas caused significant damage; (ii) some people ignoredthe emergency management authorities, putting themselves in a risk situation.


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Santos, Ângela, Mendes, S., & Corte-Real, J. (2014). Impacts of the storm Hercules in Portugal. Finisterra, 49(98).