Internal communication in organizations: practical instruments to help the shift change


  • Alexandra Rodrigues
  • Carlos Azevedo
  • Vítor Calvo



shift change, communication, information


Introduction: The internal communication inside the organization, whether is interpersonal, group or intergroup, must involve all the collaborators in order the mission, values, operative principles and the behaviour patterns be common, to generate the organizational development and motivation.

Development: The shift change in nursing is a fundamental moment of learning and information transmission regarding the patient. The information given on the shift change must be objective and updated, always considering the ethical-deontological principles and a technical language about the care given to the patient, resulting of the application of a scientific methodology and reflexion strategies. In order to ease the information transmission, we intent, with this work, to do a practical instrument, in this case a written one, to aid the shift changing. For this, it was performed a study in a sample of nurses to whom was applied a Data Collection Questionnaire.

Conclusions: The use of a support tool for the shift change is one of the pillars of the improvement of nursing care.


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