Ewing's sarcoma in the 5th rib

case report


  • Fábio Nunes USF Infante D. Henrique, ACeS Dão Lafões, Viseu, Portugal
  • Maria José Almeida USF Infante D. Henrique, ACeS Dão Lafões, Viseu, Portugal
  • Tânia Boto USF Infante D. Henrique, ACeS Dão Lafões, Viseu, Portugal




sarcoma, Ewing, chest pain, dyspnea, ribs


Development - Case Report: A 39-year-old woman consulted her general practitioner with complaints of chest pain with 2 weeks of evolution, which presented itself after physical exercise, and was therefore treated as muscle straining. She felt localized chest discomfort for 3 months, occasionally taking analgesics. She once again visited the health center due to increased pain. The pain was more severe in decubitus position and at night, associated with awakenings and dyspnea. This motivated the physician to perform an X-ray, which identified a 6.5 cm mass in the 5th costal arch. A biopsy was performed at a hospital and Ewing's sarcoma was diagnosed. After diagnostic examination (CT scan and body Scintigraphy) and in the absence of metastases, the patient underwent chemotherapy and total costectomy. She is currently undergoing rehabilitation, with follow-ups at the cancer center and primary health care.

Conclusion: Nonspecific symptomatology can lead to a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma. The presentation of this case aims to alert for the existence of this pathology, and the importance of both anamnesis and warning signs during clinical evaluation, thus contributing to an early prognosis and treatment. The prognosis of Ewing’s sarcoma fundamentally depends on whether the disease is localized or metastasized. The therapeutic evolution has increased survival chances, which implies an adequate follow-up of relapses and the after-effects of treatments.


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