Vol. 6 No. 2 (2018): Education, Health and Care [Éducation, Santé et Soins]

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Guest Editors
Elizeu Clementino de Souza [Universidade do Estado da Bahia, Brazil]
Christine Delory-Momberger [Université Paris 13, France]

By focusing on the notion of care as an enhancer of learning processes related to illness and biographical narratives of people with chronic diseases, this thematic issue about Education, Health and Care intends to socialize innovative studies at the interface between Education and Health. These texts approach methodological dimensions in the field of patients’ narratives with chronic diseases (sclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, AIDS, mental illness, among others) and imply considerations that rise from biographical experiences with illness, but also reviews on public health policies, training of health professionals and health care actions.This number seeks to increase the discussion between narratives, education, health and care, in dialogue with the principles of the patient therapeutic education, the interdisciplinary actions in the field of health, the work of health professionals and patient narratives. The dossier contributes with theoretical considerations about education and health, as well as shows results of researches dedicated to narratives and learnings with the disease, in the field of biographical research in education, narrative medicine and health care actions, whether with children or adults.


Published: 2018-06-30