Vol. 7 No. 3 (2019): The 21st Century: An Exercise of Uncertainties

7,3 cover

Edited by Candido Alberto Gomes [Cátedra UNESCO Juventude, Educação e Sociedade, Brazil] and João Casqueira Cardoso [Universidade Fernando Pessoa / CEPESE, Porto, Portugal]

To introduce this issue, the editors start from the simple observation that everything has become more complex. The relationship of human beings with the environment, the relationship of human beings with others, and the relationship of human beings to her/himself — all this tends to change. With a bad memory of the past events, despite the teachings of History, Philosophy and, indeed, Education, contemporary societies have developed new modalities for violating the rights and the integrity of the various species. How is it possible to think about education in this context? How is it possible to rethink the forms and formulas of education, in a broader perspective, but without leaving aside the particularities? What are the prospects offered by the new approaches that, although promising, may not be accompanied by acts? Various questions for the various contributions of this issue, having in common to propose practical ideas about tomorrow.

Published: 2019-10-31


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